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Kiran Ullal, is a passionate and dedicated Mangalorean, whose heart beats to the rhythm of running! As a valuable member of the Oduba group in Bangalore, Kiran exemplifies consistency, dedication, and balance in his running journey. Always in tune with the group’s spirit, he takes the initiative to suggest thrilling events for the entire team to participate in. Kiran is more than just a runner; he is a true pillar of support for his fellow athletes. Despite the demands of personal and work-related travels, Kiran remains committed to setting and achieving realistic running goals, giving his all on race day.

Having been an integral part of the inaugural Mangalore Marathon, Kiran’s love for his hometown event shines through, as he continues to lend us support and enthusiasm. With his vibrant energy and invaluable insights, Kiran Ullal stands as an outstanding Run Ambassador, inspiring runners across the community to embrace the joy of running and conquer new horizons.


Vinay Bhat, a corporate professional, discovered running in 2015 and it changed his life for the better. In a world filled with hectic schedules and endless responsibilities, Vinay found himself lost in the hustle of the corporate realm. Unhealthy habits and long nights took a toll on his well-being, leading to health issues like a bad back and high cholesterol. However, a serendipitous encounter with runners preparing for an event sparked something within him – a curiosity to explore the realm of running and find his “me time.”

Vinay’s running journey has been nothing short of inspiring. With strong determination and a desire to push boundaries, he has triumphed over obstacles and transformed his life for the better becoming a beacon of hope for others seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Through the miles, Vinay has not only achieved personal growth but also forged meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. He has built a community of friends, who share his passion for running and inspire each other to reach new heights.Now as a run ambassador , Vinay encourages others to embrace their own running journey and relish the joy of completion, no matter the pace.


Shreyas Karnad, fondly known as Coach Shreyas, is not only an accomplished athlete but also an inspiration to countless individuals seeking transformative fitness experiences.From a remarkable weight loss journey, shedding an astounding 58 kg from his frame, to embracing a life of running and clean eating habits, Shreyas has become a living example of what sheer determination can achieve. Since 2009, he has covered an impressive distance of over 45,000 kms, participating in more than 250 races, including 37 full marathons and 4 ultra marathons.

As the founder of ‘Runners360’, Shreyas has made it his mission to guide and mentor people from diverse backgrounds and ages, helping them integrate running and fitness into their way of life. Through his workshops and community-building efforts, he has positively impacted the lives of over 1200 runners worldwide. His devotion to the sport and his commitment to a healthy lifestyle make him the perfect choice to represent the spirit of the Niveus Mangalore Marathon 2023.


Chandrashekhar Shetty is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys working out at the gym five days a week and then goes for a quick run. His strong passion for running and community involvement brought him to the Mangalore Runners Club. In a short period of time, his passion and commitment have had a huge impact on the club’s members. He is an excellent representative of this exciting event, which aspires to deliver the best running experience to a varied set of participants.

When he isn’t at Mangala Stadium, Chandrashekar works as a Broadcast Engineer for Akashvani Mangalore. He has given his talents as a sound engineer to many Akashvani programs.


Shobha Erappa, a dedicated marathoner and adventure racer since 2017, has achieved remarkable feats in the running world. She’s not only a competitive runner with podium finishes but has also organized three successful editions of the Manipal Marathon. Her endurance is evident in completing a 120-kilometer Adventure Race in under 24 hours alongside teams like S3G and Ocean Quads.

She is a Senior Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at MIT, Manipal, and excels in academia while pursuing her passion for running. As the run ambassador for the Niveus Mangalore Marathon 2023, Shobha Erappa brings her wealth of experience, expertise, and enthusiasm, inspiring runners of all levels to conquer new horizons and embrace the joy of running.

Meet Dr. John Dominic Rodrigues, the Heartbeat of Niveus Mangalore Marathon 2023! 🩺

With 36 years of medical expertise, 95 marathons, and a passion for music 🎸, he’s the influencer you want to run alongside.



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